7 Questions :: Karley H.

1. Last Book I Read?: The Promise Between Us by Barbara Claypole White


2. My Must Have Beauty/Health/Wellness Product?: Body lotion. Fav's are cocoa butter or LimeLight Creme of the Crop


3. Currently Binge Watching... : Good Wife...for the second (or third) time


4. If I Could Only Recommend One Product it Would Be: : Anything LimeLight chemical free skincare - the entire line is hands down the BEST



5. The Question I Always Want to Ask Other Moms But Never Do is: : How do you find the time to always look so put together between a house, kids and a full time job?! Hair? Makeup? Cute clothes? WHAT ARE THOSE?!



6. My Current Parenting Challenge is:: I am 21 weeks pregnant with a VERY active 1 and 1/2 year old. Zzzzzzzz



7. My Guilty Pleasure as a Parent?: Sleep. Always Sleep






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