Outdoor Art Room

158A Ruggles Road Saratoga Springs, NY    (518) 424-4731     https://squareup.com/store/outdoorartroom/

The Outdoor Art Room is a children's summer camp based out of the Saratoga Area. Founded and Taught by Courtney Pelella, Elementary Art Teacher at Caroline Street Elementary School, we strive to provide the kids an amazing, local experience that fosters creativity, problem solving, fun and art making!




April 28: Landscape Painting at the Saratoga Battlefield:

        Students will learn ACRYLIC landscape painting while using canvas, easels, palettes, etc. Each artists will bring home their own painting, as well as their own set of paints and brushes! Have a unique tour with a park ranger and learn to paint Plein Air!


June 2: Saratoga Automobile Musuem

       Students will tour and sketch the beautiful automobiles in the galleries at the Auto museum and then design and paint their own model car afterwards in the park. A great day for Art and Auto Enthusiasts!





 The sessions fill up fast, and we are excited for this year's themes! 

Seeing is Believing: July 16-20: Learn how to trick your eye while creating new and unique Optical Illusions by the Creek! Each day will be new experiments and different artworks!  Drawing, Painting, Collage and Sculpture! July 16-20 9 am-12pm Geyser Creek Saratoga Park

Creativity Camp: Summertime Fun! Join us and create by the creek! We will be making some of the all-time favorite summer crafts and summer themed artwork! Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Collage and Mixed Media/Installation Art will be offered! 
July 16-20 12:30-3:30 pm Geyser Creek Saratoga Park

Art Explorers! Summer Art Camp Join us as we explore the State Park and create beautiful artwork! Art Explorers will explore different Art Media (Painting, Drawing, Collage, Nature Art, Installation, Photography and more!) as we explore the different areas of our beautiful park! August 13-17 9am-12pm Saratoga Park

Creativity Camp: A Colorful World Join us by the creek and create colorful masterpieces while we investigate the wonderful world of color! Color experiments, painting, drawing, collage and mixed media art will be created! August 13-17 12:30-3:30

Kiddos can sign up for full day sessions and have a picnic lunch in between :) 

Refunds are given up to 2 weeks prior to camp. If inclement weather persists we will be in a pavilion. If severe weather is imminent, a rain date will be offered.