9 Miles East Review: Local Food for Busy People

We were lucky enough to have 9 Miles East cook for us last week and couldn't have loved it more. Those "friends' tomatoes" are amazing...

So what is 9 Miles East? 9 Miles East is a local Saratoga Springs area business that prepares ready to eat meals delivered right to your door using local, healthy food. I mean, their tagline is "Local Food for Busy People", so it sounded perfect for us. Their farm, which is 9 Miles East of Saratoga by the way, grows "very safe, very healthy vegetables" that they make available directly to their customers in delicious dishes like their GO Basket Pro with quinoa, roasted veggies and braised chicken that comes to you ready to heat and serve.

Unlike the fancy meal kits you are always seeing pop up on your facebook feed, the experienced chefs at 9 Miles East do the cooking for you with high-quality local and organic ingredients which require zero assembly on your part. The cooler is delivered to your home on the same day and at approximately the same time each week, and you don't need to be home when it's delivered.

Where do they deliver to? Their delivery radius includes the entire Capital Region (Saratoga Springs, Troy, Delmar, Albany, Schenectady and Queensbury, plus points in between) and the Greater Boston Area. They use a bunch of different meal formats to suit your dietary preferences, and can accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free, and Paleo nutritional profiles deliciously. 

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