Karner Blue Butterfly Walks


Karner Blue Butterfly Walks at the Old Gick Farm Trail start this Wednesday, Jun 13th at 11am at Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park, Old Gick Farm Trailhead off of Route 50 in Gansevoort.

Along the walk we will be looking for adult Karner Blue Butterflies that are searching for nectar and mates in the open meadows.

The endangered Karner blue butterfly has two broods every summer. The first brood should emerge late in May and the second in early July. We will be looking for adults that are searching for nectar and mates in the open meadows. The walk will be cancelled if it is raining. The walk last for about an hour. Please park in the lot by the Saratoga Sandplains Sign on Route 50 half a mile north of King Road.  

Registration is strongly encouraged.

Dates & Times

  • Wednesday, May 30th at 11am

  • Wednesday, May 30th at 4pm

  • Wednesday, June 6th at 11am

  • Wednesday, June 6th at 4pm

  • Wednesday, June 13th at 4pm

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Story Time & Activity with Katy Farber at Northshire Bookstore Fri. 6/8

Farber cropped.jpg

On Friday, June 8, 2018 - 10:30am head to Northshire Bookstore at 424 Broadway in Saratoga Springs for a special story time with author Katy Farber & educators from the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park.

Farber will share her charming new picture book "Salamander Sky" and the wildlife educators will lead children in a themed activity connected to the book. 

Every spring in the eastern region of the United States, warmer nights with steady rain bring the migration of thousands of spotted salamanders to ponds and pools, often across busy roads. These crossings are magical, and secretive--most people don't even know they happen. Salamander Sky features a mother and daughter who go out on a rainy night to help the salamanders cross the road safely. This dramatic, full-color, picture book introduces readers to the elusive spotted salamanders and the perilous nighttime journeythey take each spring. Amphibians worldwide desperately need protection. This book is a valuable tool for getting children engaged in conservation.