Summer Programs at Malta Montessori

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Our summer program is designed to be a fun, relaxed, and interesting environment where the children have a hands-on learning experience.


We welcome children from ages 3-5 for our Children’s House Summer Program and children ages 6-9 for our Elementary Summer Program.

The mornings will be devoted to a new topic each session and the aft􏰁ernoons a 􏰀time to enjoy the outdoors with play. Extended day summer will include more fun with tradi􏰀onal toys and games as well as stories and a provided snack.






The summer camp provides an experience which will offer an opportunity for coopera􏰀on, independence and discovery for each child. A caring, commi􏰂ed and experienced staff will guide the children in a safe, suppor􏰀ve, and structured environment.
— Tracy L.



Me and My Shadow

Session 1 (July 2 - 6) *No Camp July 4th

Shadows. We see them everywhere - inside and outside. Whenever there is light, there is a shadow! Why do wehave a shadow? Why is your shadow a different size at different times of the day? What is a shadow? How is ashadow made? This summer camp will teach more about something children encounter every day. With the help of books, science and play we will create a deeper understanding of shadows.

Ancient Egypt

Session 2 (July 9 - 13)

Pyramids, hieroglyphics and the River Nile are a few of the topics we will explore this session. We willhave an archeological dig, create and use fieldjournals, and have the chance to make many funcrafts; all while learning about the fascinating cultureof ancient Egypt and Nubia.

Passport Around the World

Session 3 (July 16 - 20)

Come and join us for a trip around the world. We willvisit some beautiful countries, learning about the people, culture and landmarks of these exotic locales.Campers will enjoy our travels through literature, art,music, crafts and cooking to see how they differ fromour own country.

Kids in the Kitchen

Session 4 (July 23 - 27)

From food preparation and practical life in the kitchen
to cooking and healthy nutrition, children will experiencea variety of hands-on learning at this cooking camp!There will be many opportunities to explore the art of cooking, the importance of healthy eating, and exposureto a variety of ingredients. Children will learn appropriate measuring techniques, as well as mixing, heating, baking, and appropriate dining etiquette. Literature and writingwill be embedded throughout this camp, as well.
Bon appétit!




Able Artists

Session 5 (July 30 - August 3)

In this week long camp, children will explore beyond the basics of working with paint and crayons. The children will have the opportunity to work with a variety of mediums and supplies, including watercolor, pastels, varying paints, clay, and more! There will be guided projects in order to exploredifferent techniques, as well as many opportunities for the children to fully express their creativity via the arts. Also incorporated into each day will be literature related to art, media, and the varying ways we see the world around us.

Biome Blitz

Session 6 (August 6 - 10)

Each day we will explore the wonders of a new biome! Your young biologist will love unearthing the wonders of our world’s ecology. We will spend a day diving intoaquatic biomes, discovering the deserts, figuring out forests, getting to know grasslands, and trying out thetundra. Join us as we use art, the outdoors, science and more to get to know the diverse Earth we live on!

Spanish Culture Camp

Session 7 (August 13 - 17)

This summer is the perfect time to start, or continue,learning Spanish! Your child will enjoy a week of camp immersed with Spanish culture. Each day we will learn
the language as well as an exciting aspect of Latin Americanlifestyles. Students will have the opportunity to makeauthentic dishes in the kitchen, get moving with traditional song and dance, try on and examine different handmade textiles, and más.

Yoga/ Peacemakers

Session 8 (August 20 - 24)

"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind." - Maria Montessori

Children will explore the strength and potential of theirown bodies through yogic movement, breath work, andmeditation. Inspired by the lives of peacemakers in our society such as Mathama Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr.,and Maria Montessori children will discuss strategies to build a peaceful and compassionate community throughemotional awareness, respect for self and others, and conflict resolution.



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