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What my book club is reading right now...

Anna Quindlen's Alternate Side, just started it but so far I am loving this peek into the lives of the residents of this particular space of NYC...



In “Moments I am not Proud of,” I let a stressful environment takeover and it manifested physically. Yep. My hair started falling out. So I did what one naturally does, I quit my job. THEN I started mixing this with my morning coffee to stimulate regrowth. 🤞🏻


Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 11.46.05 AM.png

Aldi! Not only can I do my weekly shopping for my family of four for around $100, but I can buy all organic produce and meat, and pick up random awesome finds like gardening supplies, European chocolates, fresh flowers, and yep today--a boho embroidery kit.