The Mini City App

A first of it's kind, the Mini City app brings you all the stuff you love here on the site right to your phone with some fun little bonuses. Users can create free profiles and chat with other users on the app, and it brings the local love to a whole 'nother level.


We all love an events guide...

but do you really want to keep going to a website on your phone when you're out with the kids? Nope. Neither do we. That's why we created the handy events guide as part of the Mini City app, designed to be used on the go! It's updated monthly, and is broken down into different categories: Mama // Baby // Toddler // Kids so you know what the age range is before you go.

Copy of Summer CampGuide(2).png

Speaking of being on the go...

this app has a potty break category because as parents we ALL KNOW that feeling of frantically searching for a public bathroom when your kid has gotta go...NOW. With the Mini City app we pinpointed a bunch of different options, just open the app, find the potty, and save the day.

Um, where was that playground again?

Don't sweat it, we can't remember where they all are either, so we put them on the app so you can spend more time playing and less time planning. We've got descriptions and links and more, all local, right at your fingertips.

Copy of Summer CampGuide(4).png

Can I bring my kid there?

We have all asked this question when trying to find a restaurant to go to. With the Mini City app you can look up tons of local restaurants and find out if they are kid friendly or better saved for a date night. Plus, we added a special key to help you know if they are breastfeeding friendly, have highchairs or changing tables, if they have crayons and kids menus and more.

What else?

We've got Mini Picks highlighting local businesses, special monthly coupons for local businesses, and so much more. Now how to get it? Simply click the links below, and guess what? It's FREE! So what are you waiting for? Get our area's first and only parenting app and help grow our amazing local parenting community here with Mini City.