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Spring Tracking & Adventure Camp (Ages 5½-7) at Ndakinna Education Center


Participants join expert tracker Jim Bruchac (co-author of three Scats and Tracks books – covering the Northeast, Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic) at Ndakinna Education Center for a three day outdoor adventure to learn how to identify basic mammal tracks (fox, coyote, deer, raccoon, and more) and make plaster casts. Kids will be using the adjacent 80-acre Nature Preserve as well as our extensive animal tracks collection. Also included will be various Native American legends, awareness games and activities to further heighten participants understanding of the natural world and Native American culture. New addition will be a daily low ropes course challenge on our brand new ropes course. Bring a bag lunch. 10% discount available for families with multiple children attending camp.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

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