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Getting ready to register your little one for preschool? You've come to the right place! The Mini City Preschool Guide will give you all the info you need on the local preschools along with what to ask, when to register, parent testimonials, Open House dates and more.

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when can I go on a tour?

Check out the Mini City Preschool Open House Calendar by clicking the button below. Also, many preschools are happy to schedule tours and all registration info is listed on the featured preschool pages.


So, how do I know if my child is even ready for preschool?

There’s no one-size-fits-all checklist to determine if your child is ready to begin preschool, but there are questions that will help you think about the most important factors for preschool readiness.

What is your motivation?

Think about what your goals are for sending your child to preschool. Do you just need time for yourself or daycare for your child? There's no wrong answer for this, but there may be other options if it seems he isn't ready yet for the rigors of school.


Does your child have the stamina?

Whether it's a half-day or full-day program, preschool keeps kids busy. There are projects to do, field trips to take, and playgrounds to explore. Does your child thrive on activities like this, or does he have trouble moving from one thing to the next without getting cranky?


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